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Doing Nothing Is A Strategy


Key bit from The Irrelevant Investor:  

The fact that bad news is disseminated ten times as fast as positive news is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so difficult to just capture market returns. You would think it’s as simple as buying the total market index fund and leaving it alone. And it is that simple, but it certainly isn’t that easy, because bad news smashes your face against an amplifier, while good news just plays quietly in the background.

Doing nothing should be the default setting for most investors, but as the charts above show, that’s easier said than done.

Great stuff, read the whole thing:

A Historic Reversal

Yesterday the Nasdaq reached an all-time high before suffering a steep sell off.  At the end of the day the index was at a new low for the month.  This has never happened before:


We expect stocks to enter a healthy pullback phase following yesterday’s steep sell off.

Hat tip Charlie Bilello


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The Streak Ends

The longest streak without at least a 1% correction since 1995 in the S&P 500 ended with yesterday’s 1.24% decline:


Has a long overdue pullback finally begun?  Maybe, just maybe…

Hat tip Charlie Bilello


The Disrupter Versus The Disrupted

Great chart today from Charlie Bilello: 

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Returns, Last 10 Years…

: +2044%

: +85%

: +15%

: +8%

: -6%

: -24%

: -39%

: -57%

: -92%

: -94%


Less than 48 hours ago we mentioned a DT (double top).   2300 remains the first stop (support).  No one knows for sure where it’s headed  – but if you had to put a dot on a map – that’s where you would place it.

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The Behavior Of The Masses

Interesting stuff here from Convergex Market Commentary on the current sentiment of individual investors based on their Google searches:

#1 – Google Search Trends (BULLISH).  Alexa won’t help you invest, but Google will at least point you in the right direction for more information.  Google Trends – the search engine’s analytical tool that shows how many users key in a specific search – reveals the following:

Searches for “Buy Stock” are at record levels for the period of 2010 – present among US users.  Funny enough, so is the search term “Sell stocks”, but the interest in buying outpaces that for selling by almost 9:1.

Searches for “ETFs” are not quite at record highs for the current decade, but they are higher than all but 3 months since 2010.

Searches for “Mutual fund” are at highs not seen since 2011, and actually outnumber ETFs by 2 ½ to 1.

Searches for 401K hit a post-Crisis high in January.

Hat tip Josh Brown


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